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Abilene, Texas



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Jesse Hall White

Born:  November 8, 1840

Died:  September 14, 1910

C.S.A. 12th Alabama Infantry, POW Lookout Point

Dedicated on:  November 13, 2004

Buried in Bradshaw Cemetery, Taylor County, Texas

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Alphonzo Carlos Butler, Sr.

Dedicated on:  January 11, 2003

C.S.A. Corporal - Co. B 2nd & Co. K 1st Alabama Cavalry

Buried in Stamford, Jones County, Texas

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Campbell Dotson

Born:  December 22, 1843 in Calhoun, Tennessee

Died:  January 5, 1925 in Tuscola, Texas

Private / Musician

C.S.A. 16th Texas Infantry, Company B

Dedicated on:  June 17, 2001

Buried in Cedar Gap Cemetery, Taylor County, Texas.

He enlisted January 23, 1862 as a volunteer and served the Confederacy in Company B, in Flournoy's regiment under Captain Gerald in the 16th Texas Infantry and served for 3 1/2  years.  He was recorded as present in the last company roll call taken February 29, 1864.  The Adjutant General's records at the War Department listed him as 'Campbell Dodson' and said he was a "private and musician".  On July 1, 1871 he married Virginia Wright in Burleson, Texas.   He and his wife resided for 31 years in Tuscola, Taylor County, Texas.  Their home was 5 miles N.E. of Tuscola on Route #1.   According to State and County Assessors, as of October 30, 1913, Campbell Dotson had a homestead in Taylor County worth $430 and $70 in other assets.


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