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Abilene, Texas



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Confederate Holidays/Historical Dates

January 8 This day in 1821 General James Longstreet was born.
January 9 This day in 1861 Mississippi secedes from the Union.
January 10 This day in 1861 Florida secedes from the Union.
January 11 This day in 1861 Alabama secedes from the Union.

January 19

This day 1807 General Robert E. Lee was born in Stratford, Virginia.

January (3rd Monday)

This day is Confederate Heroes Day.

January 21

This day in 1824 General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson was born in West Virginia.

January 26 This day in 1861 Louisiana secedes from the Union.
January 28 This day in 1825 General George Pickett was born.
February 1 This day in 1861 Texas secedes from the Union.

February 22

This day in 1862 President Jefferson Davis Inaugurated President of the CSA.

March 4

Flag Day for the Confederate States of America.

March 16 This day in 1861 the Arizona Territory secedes from the Union.
April Confederate History Month - Texas.
April 9 This day in 1865 Lee surrenders at Appomattox Court House, Virginia.
April 12 This day in 1861 The War Between the States begins.

April 26

Confederate Memorial Day for Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Mississippi.

May 6 This day in 1861 Arkansas secedes from the Union.

May 10

This day in 1863 General Thomas J. Jackson died and is buried in Lexington, Virginia.
Confederate Memorial Day in North and South Carolina.

May 20 This day in 1861 North Carolina secedes from the Union.
May 23 This day in 1861 Virginia secedes from the Union.

May 30

Confederate Memorial Day in Virginia.

June 3

This day in 1808 President Jefferson Davis was born in Fairview, Kentucky.
Confederate Memorial Day for Kentucky, Louisiana and Tennessee.

June 8 This day in 1861 Tennessee secedes from the Union.
July 13 This day in 1821 General Nathan Bedford Forrest was born.
August 21 This day in 1821 General William Barksdale was born.
September 10 This day in 1836 General Joseph "Fighting Joe" Wheeler was born.

October 12

This day in 1870 General Robert E. Lee died. He is buried in Lexington Virginia.

November 3 This day in 1813 General Jubal A. Early was born.
November 9 This day in 1825 General A. P. Hill was born.
November 28 This day in 1861 Missouri formally admitted to the Confederacy.
December 6 This day in 1889 President Jefferson Davis died. President Davis is buried in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1893 he was interred in Richmond, Virginia.
December 6 This day in 1833 Colonel John S. Mosby was born.

December 20

This day in 1860 South Carolina secedes from the Union.

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