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This page is in honor of our qualifying ancestors

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Jesse Lank Griffin 

Born:   12 Mar 1834 in Fayette County, AL

Died:  3 Oct 1903 in Leslie, Searcy County, AR

On 20 Nov 1861 Jesse Lank joined the Confederate Services.  He served as did his brother Richard Dewitt Clinton Griffin in Co. C, 45th Regt. Arkansas Militia, Co. A, 8th Arkansas Cavalry and Co. F, 32 Arkansas Infantry.  He and his brother RDC Griffin served 43 months together in the above organization, until the end of the war.

Jesse Lank’s organization, 32nd Regiment, Arkansas Infantry was in battles of Prairie Grove, Helena, Bayou Fourche and Jenkins Ferry.

Jesse Lank received a $50.00 per month pension for a saber wound to the head.  He was the only one of four brothers who served in the Civil War that was injured.

His descendant, Compatriot C. B. Griffin, perpetuates the memory of Jesse Lank Griffin in this camp.

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John Wesley Griffin

Born:  18 Jul 1848 in Lebanon, AR

Died:  06 Feb 1931 In Harrison, AR

In Jul 1864, just short of his 16th birthday he joined the Confederate Forces and served until the end of the Civil War.  He was a private in Co G, Jackman’s Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry he also served in Co G Nichils Regiment Arkansas Calvary.  His mount was a mule.  He was in battles at Booneville, MO - Jefferson City, MO - Lexington, MO - Big Blue, KS – Ft. Leavenworth, KS - Independence, MO and Fayetteville, AR.

John Wesley Griffin was licensed to preach in 1886 and was admitted to the Arkansas Conference, United Methodist Church South in 1889.  He was ordained a deacon in 1890 an elder in 1894.  He served as a circuit riding preacher throughout the northwestern section of Arkansas – retracing many of the areas in which his father served before him.

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Wade Griffin

Born:  6 Dec 1840 in Fayette County, TN

Died:  25 Dec 1880 in Searcy County, AR

Wade like his three brothers Jesse Lank, Richard Dewitt Clinton, and John Wesley Griffin, joined the Confederate Forces in Jan 1862.  He served in the 7th Arkansas Cavalry, 8th Regt. Ark. Cavalry, 32nd Ark. Infantry, and the 45th Arkansas Militia.  His organizations were in battles at Prairie Grove, Helena, Bayou Fourche, Jenkins Ferry, Poison Springs, Mark Mills, and Pine Bluff.

After his military service he returned to Searcy County, Arkansas where started working in a Grist Mill.  On 25 Dec 1880 Wade was killed in a Grist Mill boiler explosion in Searcy County, Arkansas.

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Arthur M. Bradford

Born:  Franklin County Tennessee 1817

Died:  1863

Arthur M. Bradford first enlisted at Jackson, Tennessee, on 10 March 1862 as a private in Capt. R. P. Ford's Company, 55 Regiment Tennessee Infantry.  R. P. Ford's Company of the 55th (Brown's) Regiment was organized at Jackson, Madison County, on 10 March 1862.  This company was reorganized on 5 May 1862 and became Company "L", 6th Tennessee Infantry Regiment.  The 6th Infantry Regiment had been organized in May 1861at Camp Beauregard, Jackson, Tennessee.  After fighting at Shiloh and Perryville, it was placed in General Maney's and Palmer's Brigade, Army of Tennessee on 8 April 1862.

Arthur Bradford was at the battles of Shiloh, Murfeesboro, and Perryville.

He was born in Franklin County Tennessee about 1817, and died in 1863 from some kind of sickness.  He took leave because of his health and died at home.

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Francis Marion Hamilton

Born:  December 17, 1831 Pike County Mississippi

Died:  July 31, 1917 Fisk, Coleman County, Texas

Francis served as a Private in the 31st Louisiana Regiment Volunteer Infantry, Company B.

"This regiment was organized June 11, 1862, at Monroe from Morison’s Battalion, which had been formed May 14.  The men remained at Monroe drilling until June, when they moved to a camp in Madison Parish about eight miles from Vicksburg, Mississippi.  Then they moved to Tallulah and New Carthage.  In August, the regiment went to Milliken's Bend to unload a shipment of arms intended for General Albert Pike's Indian brigade.  On August 18, an enemy gunboat steamed up and captured the transport Fair Play with all of the weapons still on it.  The regiment retreated to Tallulah, pursued by a small force landed from the gunboat.  During the next few months, the men camped at Tallulah, Delhi, and Trenton.  In November, the regiment received orders to go to Jackson, Mississippi.  There the Catahoula Battalion was added to the regiment to give it ten companies.  The men fought in the Battle of Chickasaw Bayou, December 26-29, and helped repulse several enemy attacks.   During the winter and early spring of 1863, the regiment remained at Vicksburg, drilling and doing picket duty.  The men participated in the closing stages of the Battle of Port Gibson, May 1, and covered the retreat of the Confederate forces.  They picketed the crossings of the Big Black River until the Confederate army retreated past the river into the Vicksburg defenses.  The regiment fought in the trenches during the Siege of Vicksburg, May 19-July 4, and went home on parole after the surrender.  Many of the men decided they had seen enough fighting and remained at their homes until the war ended.  In January 1864, some of the men went into a parole camp at Vienna but returned home on furlough after a few weeks.  After the men were declared officially exchanged, they went into camp at Minden in June.  They spent two weeks there, moved to Shreveport, and soon went to Pineville.  The regiment formed part of General Allen Thomas' brigade and acted as a support for Fort Buhlow and Fort Randolph near Pineville until February 1865.  At that time, it moved to Bayou Cotile, remaining there until May.  The men marched to Mansfield and were disbanded just prior to the surrender of the Trans-Mississippi Department."

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Thomas Jefferson Barron

Born:  1834 Butts County, Georgia

Died:  27 Dec 1878 New Harmony, Smith Co, Texas

Thomas Barron was a Private in Company B, 8th Alabama Infantry. 

Enlisted 17 May 1861"for the war" at Wetumpka, Elmore County, Alabama at the age of 28 years and married, then resident of Coosa County, Alabama.

1. Siege of Yorktown, Virginia - Apr-May 1862;
2. Williamsburg, Virginia - 5 May 1862;
3. Seven Pines, Virginia - 31May-1 June 1862;
4. 2nd Manassas, Virginia - 28-30 Aug.1862;
5. Sharpsburg, Maryland - 17th Sept.1862 (wounded);
6. Fredericksburg, Virginia -13 Dec.1862;
7. Chancellorsville, Virginia - 1-4 May 1863;
8. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - 2 July1863 (wounded - grape shot destroyed knee).

Private Barron was sent to Hospital #9 Richmond, Virginia 22 July 1863.  Alabama Hospital 2nd Division, Virginia 25 July 1863 and furloughed home.  In hospital in Montgomery, Alabama on 1 Sept.1864.  Paroled 10 June 1865 Headquarters 72nd Ill. Inf. Union Springs, Bullock County, Alabama.

Description - 5' 8", dark hair, black eyes, fair complexion.  Occupation: farmer.

His descendant, Compatriot Bobby Morris, perpetuates the memory of Private Thomas Barron of Company B, 8th Alabama Infantry, in this camp.

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John Holman Burnett

Born:  2 Oct 1845, Spartanburg County, South Carolina

Died:  9 Mar 1898, Blackburne, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Private, Company I, 62nd Alabama Infantry

Enlisted 5 Apr 1864, at age 16, Selma, Dallas County, Alabama "for the war".
Then resident of Perry County, Alabama.

Originally in Lockhart's Infantry Battalion of Alabama Exempts, which became Company I, 1st Alabama Infantry Reserves in Aug 1864, which became Company I, 62nd Alabama Infantry, March 1865.

Record - General Hospital Selma, Alabama
Complaint: Feb. Remit (whatever this means?) 17 May 1864 - 1 June 1864;
Fort Gaines, Alabama - 3-8 Aug. 1864(possibly);
Spanish Fort - 2-8 Apr 1865;
Fort Blakely, Alabama - 1-9 Apr.1865,
Captured 9 Apr.1865 - Ft. Blakely Alabama
Sent to Ship Island, Mississippi, P.O.W. Camp.
Transferred to Vicksburg, Mississippi - 1 May 1865.
Paroled 6 May 1865 Camp Townsend, Vicksburg, Mississippi.  

According to his wife’s (Narcissus (Perry) Burnett) pension record fellow members of his company Lt. Lewis Johnson and Sgt. Charles Johnson said that John H. Burnett was a good and true soldier, always faithful to the southern cause.

His descendant, Compatriot Paul Morris, perpetuates the memory of Private John Burnett, Company I, 62nd Alabama Infantry, in this camp.

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(No photo available)

Jesse Porter Stansel

Born:  1824  Thomas County,Georgia

Died:  04 Dec 1872  Wellborn, Suwannee Co., Florida

On August 12th 1863 Jesse Porter enlisted as a Private in the CSA, 5th Florida Calvary, Co. G in Lake City, Columbia County, Florida at the ripe old age of 39.  Little is known of Jesse’s Confederate service time.  The State of Florida has scanned in every CSA Widows Application for Pension and it is from this document details of his death are revealed.

"…He was afterwards and to wit on the 4th day of December 1872 shot and killed while attempting to assist his son who had been shot down in the streets of Wellborn, Florida.  (He being unarmed) was trying to prevent his boy from being murdered, leaving me to lumber for and raise our children…"
Signed, Caroline C. (Carver) Stansel - November 3rd, 1902.

His descendant, Compatriot B. D. Stansel, perpetuates the memory of Private Jesse Stansel of Company G, 5th Florida Calvary, in this camp.

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